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Wisser - Library_1987 02_18_1987 page 03 vol. 22 no. 16__WNYT Editorials Clubs Science_Hilsenrath Massaro__HM_ HAPPENINGS SCIENCE VIEWS Whales_Wisser.pdf
HM Dave's Place
of Whales and Men
Science Views

Wisser - Library_1987 02_06_1987 page 03 vol. 22 no. 15_Mazey_Clubs Advertising Design Financial Aid_Di Maio_Advertising Scholarship HAPPENINGS Aid_Wi.pdf
Advertising Group Offers Scholarships to Island Students
Financial Aid

Wisser - Library_1986 12_16_1986 page 03 vol. 22 no. 13_Waldt Merchant Ventura Ward Drossman_Honors Awards Engineering Events Clubs_Dealy Hawley_Grumm.pdf
Grumman Honors Outstanding Students

Wisser - Library_1986 11_24_1986 page 03 vol. 22 no. 11_Nonno Wisser Kreitman D_Auria Rizzuto_Film Libraries Clubs Gifts__Alumnus Films Library HAPPEN.pdf
Alumnus to Present Films at NYIT
Library Benefit

Wisser - Library_1985 02_04_1985 page 03 vol. 20 no. 16__Art Exhibitions Security_Bennett_Seatbelts Klein Art Ed Hall HAPPENINGS_Wisser - Campus Slate.pdf
The Slate Answers Man on Seatbelts
Gloria Klein Art: Ed Hall Exhibition

Wisser - Library_1985 01_10_1985 page 02 vol. 20 no. 15_Borum Salten Lightman Fowler San Jose_Announcements Architecture_Glynn_HAPPENINGS Eyes Your Ow.pdf
Architecture Forum
"Eyes on Your Own Papers" Policy Will be Enforced
Computer Grant

Wisser - Library_1984 11_19_1984 page 07 vol. 20 no. 11_TAG___Cerebral Palsy Telethon HAPPENINGS_Wisser - Campus Slate Complete.pdf
United Cerebral Palsy Telethon Athlete Stars

Wisser - Library_1984 11_19_1984 page 03 vol. 20 no. 11_TAG___Registration Jazz DeValle HAPPENINGS_Wisser - Campus Slate Complete.pdf
Registration Begins
Mr. DeValle to Address Hotel/Restaurant Students

Wisser - Library_1984 10_15_1984 page 05 vol. 20 no. 6_TAG___HAPPENINGS Skiers Film Society Karate_Wisser - Campus Slate Complete.pdf
Skiers Ready to Put on Car Racks
Film Society Projecting an Entertaining Semester
Discipline Yourself to Try Karate Club

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 03 vol. 28 no. 15__Announcements Clubs__happenings_Wisser - Campus Slate Complete.pdf
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