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Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 12 vol. 28 no. 15_Morris Rosen Lindsey Howard_Basketball Sports_Bonanno_SPORTS Bears lose Lindsey Howard_Wisser.pdf
Oh, So Close! Bears Narrowly lose Two. Home Winless Streak Reaches Four.

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 11 vol. 28 no. 15_Beckett Lindsey Rosen Howard Mazyck_Calendar Basketball Sports Track__Sports Calendar Bears Me.pdf
NYIT Bears Men's Basketball Statistics
NYIT Sports Weekly Calendar

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 10 vol. 28 no. 15_Howard Mazyck Beckett White Rosen Esmie_Basketball Sports__Bears winless St. Rose Mercy Mike R.pdf
Bears Bow to St. Rose and Mercy - Remain Winless at Home

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 09 vol. 28 no. 15_Beckett Rosen Esmie Lindsey Mazyck White_Athletics Dept Basketball Gym__Bears Lose Two BASKET_.pdf
Bears Lose Two
Recreation Gym Hall Hours
Stay in Shape

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 07 vol. 28 no. 15_Hayes Silverstein Heskiaoff_Awards Surveys SGA Admissions__Scholarships Delta Mu Humanity SAYS.pdf
Survey Draws Student Response
Student Scholarships Offered
Foundation for Development of Humanity

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 06 vol. 28 no. 15_Herbold James Avitabile Kempf Minnion_Volunteer Black History__Tax Help Black History Month CL.pdf
Accounting Students Volunteer Tax Help
Celebrating Black History Month at NYIT's Manhattan Campus

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 05 vol. 28 no. 15_Bonnelli Oquendo Ahmed Washington_Surveys_Zuk_Flasher Bonelli Oquendo Ahmed Gonzales_Wisser -.pdf
The Campus Flasher

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 04 vol. 28 no. 15_Naismith Jones Johnson Taylor_Black History Editorials_Perry Riemer Westfal_Board Editor Journ.pdf
The Sounding Board
Journalism Rears its Ugly Head
Black History Should be No Mystery

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 02 vol. 28 no. 15_Doughty Duffy_Fashion Senate Faculty SGA_Westfal Bonanno Morse Goddard Valfer Ben_Off Balance.pdf
News Briefs
Senate Vows to Encourage Respect for Diversity
Top Fashion Comes to NYIT
Live from New York Tech

Wisser - Library_1993 02_01_1993 page 01 vol. 28 no. 15_Kuba Fitzpatrick Waluk Blackburn_Basketball Interior Design Surveys SGA_Westfal Seraphine-Han_.pdf
Interior Design Students Take Shot at Logo
Wheelchair Basketball Team Challenges NYIT to Fundraising Game in Return
Survey Says... Student Opinion Measured in SGA Poll
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