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Launched in 2002, NYIT Magazine is NYIT's official publication. Each issue features the latest news from NYIT's global campuses as well as student success stories and profiles of the university's top graduates and professors who are helping to shape our global, 21st-century society.

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NYIT Magazine Spring 2023
NYIT Magazine, Spring 2023, First Byte, Campus Buzz, NIH Awards Three New York Tech Faculty $3.5 Million in Grants, Center for Risk Management Continues to “Bloom”, Reaching for the Stars, Ingenium Awards Celebrate Alumni, Industry Partners, What’s…

NYIT Magazine Fall 2023
NYIT Magazine, Fall 2023, First Byte, Campus Buzz, New York Tech Joins KEEN, New, High-Tech Research Center Coming to Long Island Campus, New Insights Into Breast Cancer Risk, Rising in the Ranks, Taking a Bold Step, Leading the Charge, Alumni…

NYIT Magazine Fall 2022
NYIT Magazine, Fall 2022, First Byte, The Thrill of Discovery, Research for a Better World, Building a Bridge Between Engineering and Medicine, Campus Buzz, A first for New York Tech, Putting an End to Pediatric Brain Cancer, Making a High-Tech…

NYIT Magazine Spring 2022
NYIT Magazine. Spring 2022, First Byte, You Can Count on Me, Into the Future: New Spaces With Students and Sustainability in Mind, 10 Years Later: Hurricane Sandy, Campus Buzz, Space for Innovation, Revealing the True Sequence of an RNA, A FABulous…

NYIT Magazine Fall 2021
NYIT Magazine, Fall 2021, First Byte, The Right Stuff, Science for All, A New Sense of Place, Campus Buzz, Does Chronic Stress Lead to Depression?, Faculty Win Impressive Research Grants, COM Influence: Health Education, Resources for the…

NYIT Magazine Spring 2021
NYIT Magazine, Spring 2021, Being First, Light Years Ahead, Q&A: Reinventing Our Future, CAMPUS BUZZ, $1.8 Million NIH Grant Supports Heart Disease Research, Understanding Cranial Birth Defects, New York Tech Community Makes a Big Impact, Achieving a…

New York Institute of Technology: Magazine Fall 2020
FirstByte, Campus Buzz, Aspiring Filmmakers Take Flight, Interdisciplinary Bio Lab Opens in Long Island, A Big Thank-You!, Simulating Shaken Baby Syndrome, Virtual Success, Architecture Alumnus Supports First Responders, Alumni Spotlights, Alumni…

50th Anniversary Issue | NYIT Magazine Volume 4 Number 1
NYIT Magazine Volume 4 Number 1 | 50th Anniversary Issue

2011 NYIT Magazine, Vol. 9, No. 1
NYIT Magazine, Volume 9, Number 1

2010 NYIT Magazine, Vol. 8, No, 2
NYIT Magazine, Winter 2010, Volume 8, Number 2

2013 NYIT Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 2
NYIT Magazine, Volume 11, Number 2

2014 NYIT Magazine, Vol. 12, No. 1
NYIT Magazine, Volume 12, Number 1
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